From the Director

An update from the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer

BY Lynda Houk, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Once again, it is October and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will see pink everywhere we turn; products, runs, walks and fundraisers—all with the common goal of making a difference for those affected by this disease. At the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, our focus is on funding research. We want to discover the causes of breast cancer, learn how to stop it and ultimately prevent it from ever occurring. We hope to accomplish this by funding an amazing, talented team of nearly 40 researchers at the ​Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Resear​ch Laboratories at Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center. This is a very diverse group of scientists looking at all aspects of breast cancer: prevention, earlier detection, targeted treatments and quality of life for survivors. I encourage you to click on the research link above to learn about the amazing work this team is doing. I affectionately call them rock stars of research!

While there have been tremendous advancements, our work is not done. You can join us in our fundraising efforts by making a personal or corporate donation, attending one of our events, planning your own event or volunteering. It is by working together that we will be able to make a difference and win our fight against breast cancer.

With Gratitude,

Lynda M. Houk
Executive Director