From the Director

An update from the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer

BY Lynda Houk, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when the cause we are all so passionate about is in the national spotlight and top of mind for many. Breast Cancer claims more than 40,000 lives in the United States each year, and through our support of the ​Vera Bradley Center for Breast Cancer Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine, our goal is to reduce that number to zero. Not only that, but we also aim to make the quality of life for women (and men) battling breast cancer and undergoing treatment much better. Please join us in funding the groundbreaking research the team of physicians and scientists at the Vera Bradley Foundation Center have dedicated their careers to.

There are multiple ways you can support the Foundation this October and throughout the year:

​• Participate in one of our partner fundraising events.
​• Make a Donation (or establish a recurring monthly gift!)
​• Host your own Fundraising Event
​• Set up your Personal Online Fundraising Page
​• Shop and Give at Vera Bradley

Thank you to the many donors who have supported us this year. Together we make a difference!

With Hope,

Lynda Houk
Executive Director